Cloud services modelling and performance analysis framework M12


This document is associated to two prototypes delivered in Work Package 7 at the end of the first year of project. Both prototypes aim at providing a meta-modelling framework to support the creation of cloud platforms models. 

The first prototype is a meta-model that will be used as baseline for creating models of cloud platforms. The meta-model defines the concepts and relationships that describe the main characteristics, functionalities, and capabilities of resources offered by cloud platforms. Models created starting from this meta-model will be used in ARTIST during the migration of a legacy application in order to select the target platform that matches best the requirements and functionalities needed by the re-engineered application. 

The second prototype consists of a software suite for benchmarking cloud platforms in order to extract performance-related data and to include it in the cloud models. Since performance aspects are considered as one of the key criteria that is taken into consideration in the selection of the target platform, the availability of this data in the cloud models simplifies and makes more accurate the migration phase. The software suite includes a set of third-party benchmarking tools specifically selected for their effectiveness in evaluating cloud resources performances and a user interface to automate the management of executions and results of tests. 

The first version of the two prototypes will be further developed and a second version will be released at the end of the second year of project.