Dissemination report


The present document provides an overall report about the dissemination actions that were carried out to communicate news and results about the ARTIST project during the period October 2012 until September 2013. It is the first version of reporting how knowledge in the context of the ARTIST project disseminated to relevant stakeholders through different means including web related activities (e.g. the ARTIST website and Social Network profiles), promotion activities (e.g. the distribution of dissemination material, and the publications in journals) or events related activities (e.g. the participation in conferences and workshops).

It describes all dissemination activities carried out by members of the consortium and it presents all dissemination material created in the ARTIST project (e.g. logo, website, poster, leaflet, etc.). Additionally, it provides a complete list of publications, papers, press release, online publications, conferences, etc. It also describes outcomes about ongoing activities for collaboration with the different identified and relevant to ARTIST project.

It is important to note that ARTIST dissemination plan had -and still has- a strategic approach regarding the execution of the appropriate dissemination activities and thus ARTIST consortium took it under consideration. More specifically, some indicative aspects that were analysed were the key areas of interest based on ARTIST objectives, envisioned results that were described in dissemination material, the targeted group and the optimal means of dissemination.

Finally, dissemination actions are continuously monitored and accordingly updated, following the achievements and evolutions of the technical work. By using statistics and considering the success criteria defined in ARTIST dissemination strategy, contingency measures in case of not sufficient progress of the indicators were applied.