Repository Requirements


In model driven engineering (MDE) and especially in MDE based migration projects such as those considered in ARTIST, a lot of knowledge and information is contained in the form of models, meta-models and in transformations between models. To keep these kinds of projects manageable and to reduce development effort and time, the mentioned artefacts have to be effectively managed and the potential reuse of high level artefacts has to be leveraged. ARTIST therefore supports MDE migration projects with an artefact repository that stores, manages, and classifies its contents as well as leverages user feedback and relationships between artefacts to facilitate efficient access to the MDE artefacts. The repository is complemented with a marketplace where potentially reusable artefacts can be offered or consumed. This document presents the results of the user requirements elicitation and provides an overview over the state of the art in field related to model management as well as related research projects.