PaaS IaaS metamodeling requirements and SOTA


In order to implement a successful migration of a legacy system on Cloud environments, one should take into account the specificities and characteristics of the target platforms, namely Cloud providers. For doing so, a suitable framework should be in place that would take under consideration the nature and features of the latter, measure them and describe them accordingly to the application modelling layer. The document includes:

  • Introduction of key technologies and approaches in metamodelling, along with a set of tools for handling them.
  • Identification of a list of currently available 3rd party services that indicate what are the features that need to be modelled. These services can be found across the cloud stack layers (such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and can help the migrated applications better adapt in the cloud environment.
  • Identification of a number of requirements sources, such as non-functional aspects (mainly performance), mainly deriving from the nature of Cloud computing itself (virtualized and shared resources) and the nature of applications.
  • A suitable analysis on benchmarking attempts and tools.