Collaboration plan


This document details the specific plan for collaboration between ARTIST and relevant EC funded projects on technical topics that are of joint interest, including the specific working groups ARTIST will participate to. The cooperation aims at exploiting synergies between the projects and increasing the impact of the ICT initiative.

The main goal of this document is to achieve a framework for a virtuous collaboration cycle between ARTIST and other related projects/initiatives and an upward spiral of performance that yields mutual benefits. This collaborative framework is based on sharing complementary goals, philosophy, purpose, decision making, and best practices between ARTIST and other European projects or initiatives for the dissemination of common results in an effective way and for encouraging new innovative ways of working. The strategy will be continuously updated along the project lifetime and will be focused on different issues or areas of common interest. Finally, this document, which refers only to expectations and initial collaboration actions, and collaboration activities, will be reported in the due dissemination reports by period that will take into account the outcomes of all the actions carried out by ARTIST under the collaboration framework that is proposed here.