Dissemination strategy


This document describes the plan for the project dissemination strategy to be adopted throughout the project lifetime whereby dissemination activities at all levels were defined in detail. It sets out the plan to raise awareness, share knowledge, attract potential users, and explore future commercial use in the context of the ARTIST project, through various means, including the ARTIST’s website, distribution of dissemination material, publications in journals, and participation in conferences and other relevant events. Therefore the document explains the planned actions taken with regard to dissemination and actions to communicate results about the ARTIST project (M1-M36).

The main elements of this dissemination plan are: Firstly the strategy, with a detailed description of stakeholders, project milestones and results to disseminate and optimal means of dissemination (i.e. logo, poster); Secondly a breakdown of tasks, that includes partner responsibility, stakeholder or public addressed by the task, timing of the action and expected outcome; And thirdly monitoring of KPIs and frequent adjustments to the plan in agreement with project, technical and exploitation managers.

Furthermore, the current document maps the ARTIST ‘products’ and services that are potentially resulting from the project work, and outlines respective dissemination plans, meaning plans and methods in which they are to be communicated to the targeted audiences. It provides an overview of all identified events and publications that are suitable for presenting the project and promoting its goals, and reports on some of the dissemination activities that have already been performed.