Methodology and techniques for model understanding


The ARTIST project deals with the modernization of applications by moving them towards Cloud environments. The general modernization process has to cover two main phases when considering the technical level. In the first phase, the application has to be reverse engineered in order to understand the application and its potential for improvement. This means, we consider to start with an existing application and to support situations where there is not enough knowledge about the current application available. As soon as this knowledge about the application is available by using techniques to discover it, the second phase is ready to be started, namely to forward engineer the application towards Cloud environments.

ARTIST deliverable D8.3 deals with the first of these two phases. It proposes and describes a methodology and corresponding techniques for realizing Model Understanding (MU) in the context of Model Driven Reverse Engineering (MDRE). This MU phase receives as input the models discovered in Task 8.2, Model Discovery, and extracts knowledge out of them.

This document and the described Model Understanding steps are perfectly integrated within the whole ARTIST methodology for migrating existing applications to the Cloud. It is based on the initial proposal presented in D8.3.1.