ARTIST Integrated Architecture


This document provides the specification of the interoperable ARTIST architecture at M15, a first specification of the architecture of the entire ARTIST suite, aiming to ensure a smooth interoperability at conceptual, functional and technical level of its different building blocks, i.e. tools. The ARTIST suite enables users to realize the ARTIST methodology during the migration of legacy applications to the Cloud, by providing a comprehensive set of tools, named as ARTIST suite, which assist users to complete the methodology tasks.

ARTIST, as an IP project, comprises diverse technical and scientific activities that contribute altogether to the joint materialisation of ARTIST techniques and tools. However, a successful instantiation of these techniques and tools requires an integrated architecture, described in this document, which aims to: a) converge these different conceptual and technical approaches and b) detect and fix potential interoperability misalignments that may occur during the initial phases of tool design and development. In this way, we can avoid potential technical flaws which, if were detected on late development phases, could be hardly fixed, therefore compromising the fulfilment of the project objectives.