ARTIST Methodology M12


This report summarizes the outcomes of the work performed in the frame of Task 6.2 – ARTIST Methodology definition phase of WP6 - Modernisation Blueprint, methodology and integration in the first year of the project towards the definition of the overall ARTIST Migration and Modernization Methodology.
The purpose of this report is, hence, to show the first version of the ARTIST Methodology, taken into consideration technical, business and organizational issues in accordance to the ARTIST premise of offering a migration solution for legacy software towards the cloud, covering both the technical and business axis of such a business model shift (from software as a good to software as a service).
In this initial version of the methodology, WP6 partners focused on the high level elements of the methodology such as the main actors, the phases and the key tasks for each phase, in order to provide a complete view on the various migration and modernization processes. The results are continuously communicated with the other technical WPs of ARTIST to ensure compliance with the design and implementation of the tools that will realize respectively the methodology elements and to also capture valuable feedback for the specification of the tasks, the flow coherence and the validation of I/O in each step.
It should be noted that this process runs in parallel with the ARTIST Architecture specification to ensure that the methodology workflow is aligned with the various building blocks interconnections and dependencies. A follow up activity on the methodology definition is the design and implementation of the methodology supporting tools prototypes, which are described in detail in D6.3.1 - ARTIST methodology process framework M12 prototype deliverable.