Migration support for test cases


In this document, the migration of existing test cases in the legacy system in the context of the ARTIST methodology is described. The migration of legacy test cases is very similar to the migration of the legacy system itself, which allows to reuse many of the components to be developed for general migration support in WP8 and WP9. However, two test-specific aspects have to be considered: the concepts used in the respective testing frameworks applied in the software to be migrated and the generic representation of these concepts on model-level. The concepts of the testing frameworks that are applicable in the ARTIST use cases to get a first idea of typical testing concepts are described. To represent these concepts or at least their common core on model-level, facilitation and possibly extension of the standardized UML Testing Profile is proposed. Using a toy example, the usage of a specific testing framework and the effect the migration has on the test cases on code-level as well as on model-level is shown. From this example, problems and challenges that need to be addressed in future work are identified.