Use cases migration roadmaps


This document collects four roadmaps for the migration of the four use cases:

  • DEWS: a Distant Early Warning System focusing risk of Tsunamis in the Indian Ocean Region.
  • eGov: an Integration framework for eGov Software Services used by Italian Public Administrations.
  • NEWSASSET: an end-to-end multimedia cross-channel solution for evolving News Agencies, Broadcasters and Publishers.
  • LoB: a set of tools to develop and deploy solutions for collaboration on documents and document sets.

The roadmaps are instantiations of the methodology defined in WP6 for each use case.

D12.2 is compiling the work carried out in the Task 12.3 “Use case migration Roadmap”. This task is strongly related to the work carried out in the context of WP6, and the outputs obtained for each use case when answering the MAT questionnaire.

For the next months, WP6 and WP5 will collaborate in order to define more detailed rules that will allow the instantiation of the methodology in a more precise way. The information to be provided by MAT Report and the results from the TFT should be defined and matched with the tasks/activities of the methodology.