Technical feasibility tools M30


This document describes the Technical Feasibility Tool (TFT), which studies the feasibility of the legacy application’s migration to cloud within the context of ARTIST pre-migration approach, along with detailing the Software Complexity Component (SCC) which plays a major role in this feasibility analysis.
The main motivation behind TFT is to assist the user to have a better understanding of the migration to cloud process and the efforts required to accomplish this process in the ARTIST pre-migration phase.
The purpose of this report is to describe the modifications and new features developed and released in the second version of the Technical Feasibility Tool detailing its design and implementation and thus give an idea about the tool’s usability, capabilities and potential.
This version (M30) of the Technical Feasibility Tool introduces some improvements and changes to the existing UI elements and backend components. Besides these updates, the tool’s functionalities and capabilities are also extended with new visual elements.