Methodology and architecture for end user-based testing


This document represents Deliverable D11.2, i.e., the methodology and architecture for end user-based testing, and hence represents the documentation of the ARTIST end userbased prototype. The basic methodology starts by recording a user request that is sent to the modernized system and to map it into one or multiple corresponding original requests. Both the migrated user request and the original user request are then sent to their respective application for immediate execution. In the next step the execution trace is extracted from their respective application and abstracted into a platform independent or platform-specific compatible level. Once arrived at this high level of abstraction, a Test Oracle compares both execution traces and yields a verdict that describes if the behavior of the original user request(s) differ from the migrated user request. The prototypical solution that has been built in the extent of D11.2 is based on web service testing. In particular, the SOAP web service technology has been used as an exemplary web service technology. While SOAP web services are used by at least two use case providers, they are also platform independent. Hence, even if use case providers apply different programming languages, the exemplary prototype, that builds on the SOAP technology, can be used in any case as it is executed externally from the use case application. Overall, the end user based testing methodology, earlier discussed in WD11.2, is feasible in case of web services and in particular in case of the SOAP technology. Therefore, the outcome of this work represents an interesting case to further look into from the perspective of other web service technologies, such as REST, or even non-web service related applications.