Inventory of common general-purpose artefacts M30


This document describes the results of the analysis obtained from a survey on the State of the Art (SotA) of the MDE artefacts relevant for the ARTIST project, identifies and collects common general-purpose artefacts created in the context of ARTIST and provides a detailed description for each artefact as well as their installation and usage details.

This document is an evolutionary update, on M30, of its first version (D10.5.1), reported on M24. During this period, not a significant number of changes or additions have been added to this provision of reusable artefacts. This happens to be caused by the apparently current lack of need for additional reusable artefacts, in the context of the materialization of the use cases, at this concrete moment. Nonetheless, we foresee the need to keep supporting the development of the use cases, by provisioning them of the required domain/technical specific MDE artefacts. Therefore, this provisioning support will continue to M33, when the release of the use case instantiations is due. If a significant number of artefacts are provisioned, they will be reported in an extra release of this document, by M33. In any case, these additional artefacts will be added to the ARTIST repository, together with all the ones reported in this document.