Business Feasibility Tool M30


This document is intended to accompany the ARTIST Business Feasibility Tool (BFT) software and has to be considered as integral part of ARTIST Project deliverable D5.4.3 - “Business Feasibility Tool M30”.
The set of prototypes described by this document comprises:

  • The Business Scenario Workbench (BFT-BSW) provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to describe a business model according to the BFT Object Model (BFT-OM).
  • The Business Scenario Simulator (BFT-SIM) has the responsibility to manage the interactions between the GUI of the BFT (i.e. the Scenario Workbench) and the Multi-Agents Simulator. Its main purpose is to decouple the Scenario Workbench from the specific technology implementing the Multi-Agent Simulator.
  • The Business Scenario Assessment Dashboard (BFT-DSH) prototypes the functionalities to support the analysis of the data produced by the simulation runs.
  • The Cost-Benefit Analysis (BFT-CBA) prototypes the collection of reports supporting analysis of simulation data according to the cost-benefit analysis methodology
  • The Process Toolkit (BFT-PK) prototypes the collection of key processes which should be modified by a company to be cloud-compliant due to the migration process and hence could be the focus of simulations.