Business and Technical Modernization assessment tool M24


This report is accompanying the software deliverable due month 24 D5.2.2: Business and Technical Modernization assessment tool. The purpose of this deliverable is to provide information about the updates and new features implemented for the second version of the Maturity Assessment Tool. The main updates are related with the incorporation of best practices based on existing standards (ISO CCRA, TOSCA, ITIL, CMMI for services, ISO 27000, EFQM). This analysis has also derived in the re-structuring of the questionnaire and the results which have been re-defined after this analysis incorporating more information for the users about the different scores obtained in the questionnaire as well as other reports needed to launch other ARTIST tools such as the Methodology Process Tool, the Technical Feasibility Tool or the Reusability Trace Tool.

From the technical perspective, a new implementation of the tool has been developed enhancing the UI, incorporating the re-structured questions, adding security aspects and including new different nature results (graphical, textual and files).

The delivery and usage of the tool is also presented in this report.