ARTIST Newsletter (Issue 3)

The third Newsletter of the ARTIST project has been published. Issue 3 focuses on presenting how ARTIST achievements and results can be exploited by external to the project stakeholders. Thus, a consortium based initiative named “ARTIST Club” was founded to foster collaboration around the results after the conclusion of the grant. ARTIST Club can be used by both a) commercial partners for cross fertilization of opportunities and to pool investment and marketing costs and b) specific actors that are specialised in parts of the cloud computing chain and establish partnerships with other members. Furthermore, the ARTIST Club will provide a transparent and fair decision –making mechanism to facilitate the realization of ARTIST’s one of the basic objectives: long –term sustainability for the Open Source project.

ARTIST framework provides opportunities to three categories of users, the Clients (those that seek to modernise their legacy applications to the cloud), the Providers (those that typically offer SW modernisation as part of application portfolio management services) and the Researchers (those that are interested in building new application areas on top of innovative features in the cloud computing and software modernization domains). With respect to these categories, ARTIST framework provides particularly advantageous for clients with a series of similar modernisation projects. Thus, through the reuse of patterns from one project to the next, efficiency and consistency are high. In addition to, providers can adopt ARTIST’s Open Source tools (the second release is now available ) and integrate them into their offerings and researchers can build on top (future development) of a number of directions that are identified, namely model-driven engineering, optimisation patterns, provider benchmarking and feasibility and maturity assessment.

Do not lose the opportunity to know more about these as well as for ARTIST upcoming and performed activities!

Monday, May 25, 2015