ARTIST Methodology Process Framework M24


The document at hand presents the work that has been carried out in the context of Task 6.3 ‘ARTIST methodology supporting material’ up to M24 of the ARTIST EU project, and constitutes the continuation of the work described in D6.3.1 ‘ARTIST Methodology Process Framework M12’, which presented a specification of the Y1 ARTIST Methodology using the Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) project, and an analysis of the requirements and implementation options behind the Methodology Process Tool (MPT).

Being one of the main integration drivers behind the ARTIST solution, the MPT is placed in the center of its architecture, covering all methodology phases and serving as an entry point to and exit point from the ARTIST tooling offer. Following the ARTIST Methodology workflow, as defined in D6.2.2, the MPT should guide the user through the different phases and tasks therein, map the methodology tasks/activities down to their supporting ARTIST tools and also provide step-by step guidance for using them.

This deliverable picks up where the previous left off, by briefly presenting the candidate implementation approaches for the MPT, as defined in the previous version of this deliverable, D6.3.1, and elaborating on the reasons behind their selection or exclusion. Following the selected hybrid approach, that allows for satisfying in the best way possible the driving requirements behind the MPT, different technologies where combined into the following five interconnected components that comprise the MPT:

  1. the MPT Eclipse plug-in, which serves as the basis of the MPT, carrying composite cheat sheets and extensions to the Eclipse Welcome page for helping and guiding the user throughout the ARTIST phases and corresponding tools,
  2. the MPT Rule Engine, built on JBoss Drools [3] and integrated inside the MPT Eclipse Plug-in, it offers the necessary libraries and a Java API to fire and collect the results of the customization rules for modifying the ARTIST methodology at runtime,
  3. the ARTIST Methodology EPF plug-in, which is the implementation of the ARTIST methodology specification using the EPF composer,
  4. the MPT Web App, a Java Server Faces (JSF)-based web application [4] that supports the customization and visualization of the ARTIST Methodology EPF plug-in, and
  5. the SpikesTogether [5] MPT application, which is a complementary to the MPT Web App, more accessible towards business users.