ARTIST Methodology M30


This report summarizes the outcomes of the work performed in the frame of Task 6.2 – ARTIST Methodology definition phase of WP6 - Modernisation Blueprint, methodology and integration in the third year of the project towards the definition of the overall ARTIST Migration and Modernization Methodology.
The purpose of this version of the deliverable is to review and improve the loops, predecessors, successors and to improve the ARTIST methodology delivered in the previous period. The methodology consists now of phases, tasks and activities. Phases are the highest abstraction level of the different steps the methodology will consist of. Each phase is composed of several tasks that can be related to the technical activities needed to be performed for the technical aspects of the migration as well as the business and organizational process activities needed to redefine the business model. These tasks are decomposed into activities, being these the minimum granular representation. Each task and activity description include the predecessors, successors, inputs, outputs, actors, type of task and under which projects they should be applied (business, technical, data migration). To have all these items identified is critical since they serve as input to define the rules for the customization of the methodology in the Methodology Process Tool (MPT), developed in the context of Task 6.3, and that will result in D6.3.3 - ARTIST methodology process framework M30.